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Sending large files 3 Simple Ways to Send Big Files Over the Internet 3 Simple Ways to Send Big Files Over the Internet Read More can be a drag if you’re trying to use an existing HTTP service like YouSendIt. Many power users know how to make use of BitTorrent for such a task, by creating a torrent and submitting it to a tracker before distributing the links to the recipients. For many users though, this is an overly complex and often confusing method of delivering a file and SoShare is designed for newcomers to the filesharing game who would like to make use of the efficiency offered by the BitTorrent protocol.

large file delivery service

SoShare offers free sign up, and the service is free to use for the first terabyte of data transferred. That’s 1,000 GB, which is a lot of transfer and bound to suit many home users needs. The service is actually the work of BitTorrent, the official entity behind the protocol which has been making headlines for a decade or so now.


The service currently works on Mac and Windows PCs, with a variety of browsers supported (Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Internet Explorer are all included). In order to use it requires users install the plugin, which is essentially a modified BitTorrent client for use with the service. Users can then track their sent and received files using the front-end on the website.


  • Send huge files to friends and family for free.
  • Free to sign up, free terabyte of data transfer with each sign up.
  • Users will be prompted to install a plugin the first time they try and share a file.

Check out SoShare @

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