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What do people use ‘Sort My List’ for? Some use it for a very simple “online notepad,” since it allows users to load a file from hard drive, work on it, do search and replace, clean it up, and save it back to their hard drive. It’s much more than this, however.

Sort My List -Online List Sorting

‘Sort My List’ is an “Online List Sorting Tool”. What is that? Well, it means that you can alphabetize a list, of course, and a lot of people use it for that. But ‘Sort My List’ can do other sorts as well, and continues to add more as they are requested.

‘Sort My List’ can alphabetize, sort numerically, sort by item length, by day of the week, or by month. It can mirror each item on the list (Oprah -> harpO), and much more usefully, it can reverse the word order for each item (Fred Smith – Smith Fred).

Aside from the sorting aspect, users can reformat their data from “comma separated” to “every item on a new line” to “separated by spaces” to any other character or characters between their list items. Users can also convert their data to all lowercase or all uppercase. They can remove duplicate items, strip away extra whitespace, do a “search and replace,” and number their list with numbers or letters.

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t r a c y .




I may have come home. I have used Wordperfect for sorting, but it corrupts. Please tell me the sorting limits, like length or size of documents.



t r a c y .*

P. S. May I suggest that, like ebaY, you add to this proprietary E-mail-help system the option of having the communique also sent to the sender’s E-mail address. As is, we, the great unwashed out here, have to copy and paste it to a secondary location instead of simply finding it in our primary inbox. YOUKNOWHUTIMEAN, VERNs and VERNettes?

*t r a c y ., all lowercase, is my full, legal name.


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