Sony Finally Announces PlayStation 4 For 2013 Release [Updates]

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Sony began hyping up its media event over a week ago, and after all the speculation, the most logical announcement has occurred — Sony has confirmed the existence of the PlayStation 4 (or PS4, as they generally spoke of it).

The new console, which Sony describes as a “supercharged” PC, will feature an x86-based CPU and an “enhanced” GPU. Using a more PC-based processor should make the system easier to develop for, which should make game developers quite happy. It will also come with 8GB of GDDR5 RAM.

The PS4 will have a second chip that will allow gamers to download games in the background and stream them as they are downloading. With digital downloads playing a major role in the next console generation, this is a critical feature to get gamers playing their new games quickly.

Sony also announced a new controller called the DualShock 4. It includes a touchpad that looks similar to the back of the PlayStation Vita. It also comes with a new share button, and a light bar that allows the separate camera to track its movement.

Sharing is a big part of the PS4, as it has a feature that allows gamers to pause a game, grab the last few seconds of gameplay and share it with friends on social networks in seconds.

The streaming and sharing features also come to fruition in a feature that allows gamers to invite a friend to jump into a game and take control of their character and help them through a section. The video streaming features also allow gamers to bring their friends in to watch them play.

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The Vita will also work in a fashion similar to the Wii U controller as a remote play device.

A key piece of news from Sony’s event is the lack of backwards compatibility with the PS4. Sony says PS1, PS2, and PS3 games will likely be available from the cloud at a later date — and with an additional cost.

Sony had game publishers such as Square Enix, Ubisoft, Bungie, and Blizzard on stage showing various footage for games coming to the PlayStation 4.

Sony did not actually show us what the Ps4 looks like, nor did it reveal pricing information about the next generation console.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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Dave Parrack

Not showing the actual console was a shameful misstep. The hardware looks strong, but it seems like Sony is trying to please everyone with the various features. That rarely works.

Juan Carlos Espinosa Agudelo

Agreed, although I do have to say, it was the third parties that made me feel like “OMG, I WANT THAT!”, not Sony itself. The specs are cool and the share button doesn’t really bother, but it’s the fact that they want to integrate social networks(especially real names) and add an option for ‘support’, which completely kills it for me.

I will now only have to wait for the announcement saying if Ps4 will be able to play Ps3 games or not. That will be the deal breaker in my opinion.

Back to the third parties, I think they were really impressive. Making sculptures was a plus for me and the games(Knack, Killzone, Driversclub, Deep Down, Destiny, Diablo 3, FF) all seem to serve well to their key audiences. Quantum Dream’s demonstration looked realistic and I like the idea of sculpting creatures as shown in Media Molecule’s vid.

I’m excited to see what they bring, but I’ll still have to wait before saying I’ll definitively want a Ps4.

Dave Parrack

Actually you make a great point. By not showing the actual hardware Sony has made it all about the games and the ecosystem that’s clearly going to be an integral part of the PS4 experience.

I fear Media Molecule has headed down the wrong route by using Move. Did anyone even buy that?

Juan Carlos Espinosa Agudelo

Well, like I said, I like the idea of making sculptures….but I did chuckle when they mentioned their love for Move. I think one of my least favorite parts of the whole meeting was the sort of ‘concert’, so yea, the Move wasn’t the strongest point of that presentation.

But it does remind me, the controller now has the ‘lightbar’. What’s the purpose? Will “Shake!” become the brand new addition to quick time events?



x86 doesnt mean the it will have 32 bits, but it stands for the architecture, right?


Alex Downs

I like how they are keeping a real controller, just tweaking it with a few bells and whistles, but over all the controller hasn’t fundamentally changed. The integration of the Vita may prove to breathe some life to their already dying handheld (is it even a year old yet?)


Mac Witty

Sorry, as not being a playstation user it was “entertaining” to follow the presentation in my twitter feed. People got fore and more frustrated as the time went on and their language went with their frustration.

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