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It’s been a tough week for Sony. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the Playstation Network was hacked last week PlayStation Network Hacked, Personal Information Compromised [News] PlayStation Network Hacked, Personal Information Compromised [News] If you’re one of the 77 million registered users on Sony's PlayStation Network, your personal and confidential information may have been compromised during a security breach. According to Sony, they discovered an intrusion, and shut... Read More , Sony Online Entertainment users have fallen prey to a similar attack. The personal information of almost 25 million users has been compromised, making for a total of almost 100 million very angry customers.

Similar to last week’s debacle, this latest hack is said to have included more than 20,000 credit card and bank account numbers, as well as other personal information including names, phone numbers and addresses. In a press release, Sony admitted to yet another intrusion they discovered almost 2 weeks after it had happened.

Sony Online Entertainment provides online multiplayer games to its users, but following suit with just about everything else the PlayStation Network has been forced to do, Sony shut down its SOE servers once they became aware of the intrusion.


After announcing the intrusion a day after it was discovered, to make up for the fact that Sony may have led to yet another mammoth leak of personal information, their users are getting one free month added to their subscriptions, along with compensation each day that the service remain inaccessible.

Sony is currently in the process of sending out notifications to all users whose accounts were compromised.


What do you think Sony should do to compensate its users? Let us know in the comments.

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