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In addition to letting you watch videos, YouTube also lets you listen to songs. But these songs come accompanied by videos that take longer to buffer than audio would. A nifty solution to this is presented by SongSprite – a site that lets you create audio playlists from YouTube videos and share them with friends.

create audio playlists

SongSprite does not require any registration and buffers only the audio of YouTube videos. When you visit SongSprite, a unique URL for your playlist is generated. Share the URL with your friends so they can listen to the songs you are listening to. Adding songs is done simply by pasting in URLs of YouTube videos. Songs in the playlist can be reordered by dragging them into new positions.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Does not require you to register.
  • Lets you create audio playlists from YouTube videos.
  • You can share playlists with friends.
  • Videos can added through their URLs.
  • Songs in the playlist can be reordered by dragging.
  • Similar tools: YTPlaylist, Toobbox and Playlist.

Check out SongSprite @

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    July 3, 2011 at 3:24 am is much better.You can create playlists with only the artist you want, save them, and listen to them with videos ! Great. 
    A.L.A.I.L (As long as it last)