SomaFM – One Huge, Free Internet Radio Network

somafm   SomaFM   One Huge, Free Internet Radio NetworkI’ve got some incredibly bipolar musical interests, and it feels as if I’ve been listening to the same 2,000 songs for the past many years. Manually finding new musical interests is a thing of the past thanks to Pandora and alternatives, and streaming music and Internet radio is on a huge uptick thanks to applications like Spotify. You’re probably using one of the two as you read this article right now.

No matter how many automated taste-tweaking applications I go through, nothing compares to the experience that I’ve received for years and years over at SomaFM. When I’m bored of the music from typical Internet radio, Soma is where I go. It’s a radio network like no other.


The first thing you should know about SomaFM is that it’s free. There are no commercials or ads, it is supported by donations from loyal listeners, and it streams hand-picked music 24/7.

somafm2   SomaFM   One Huge, Free Internet Radio Network

SomaFM has over 20 channels, specializing in underground and alternative radio. Some of my favorite SomaFM channels include the following:

  • Groove Salad, specializing in downtempo electronica.
  • Lush, which is almost exclusively electronica behind female vocals.
  • Suburbs of Gao, offering a very fresh taste of Asian music.
  • Mission Control, which is awesome and unique as it has NASA mission recordings over top of ambient tunes.
  • Drone Zone, featuring atmospheric music and ambiance.

Others include covers, indie pop, alternative rock, dubstep, house, and more. The channels are all really unique and I can promise you’ll hear something you’ve never heard before if you listen in. You can find a full list of the available Internet radio stations on the main page. The stations support listening through Winamp, Windows Media Player, and other popular applications. Many are offered in 128k or 64k AAC or MP3 format.

If you’re interesting in checking out what type of music is being played on Soma, check out their Playlists feature. Here, you’re able to check out their top spins and charts, as well as recently played tracks on every one of their channels.

somafm3   SomaFM   One Huge, Free Internet Radio Network

If you’re a RadioSure user (which you should be), you’ll be pleased to know that the RadioSure database stays updated with all of Soma’s channels.

somafm5   SomaFM   One Huge, Free Internet Radio Network

Listening is as easy as double-clicking the station you want to hear. SomaFM and RadioSure work in perfect harmony and brings a flawless desktop radio experience. I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I didn’t have those two around to occupy my ears in times of need.

If you’re someone who prefers to listen to your music on the go, rather than at a desktop or laptop, Soma also has apps on iTunes and Google Play. Both apps cost $4.

somafm4   SomaFM   One Huge, Free Internet Radio Network

I’ve personally used the app for my iPod touch and can say that it’s just as awesome and functional as the web interface.

While SomaFM isn’t exactly a Pandora replacement, as it’s only a network of channels and stations, it can definitely be your favorite place to find new and interesting music. Let me know what you guys think of SomaFM in the comments.

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Fabian Falatyk

I’m a SomaFM user for a few years now. Best internet radio ever when I’m bored of my own music collection or mainstream music. My favorite channels are Groovesalad and Space Station Soma. Just try it. Even gave the guys at SomaFM a few of my hard earned $.

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Does it work in Indonesia? Spotify doesn’t.

Ariya Mendy

Yes, it is working in Indonesia. I’m a RadioSure user..the database stays updated with all of Soma’s channels.
Thank you.

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Thank you. That’s reassuring. Now I’ll try this.

Saiwal Krishna

i find radiotuna much more usable


I’ve been listening to their streams for years. They introduced me to a whole new genre of music that I cant seem to keep away from. some other great sources for online streams are & .


i forgot to add great collaborative music tool.

Tara Moser

I have used this before and really enjoyed it. I love all the variety of music it is never the same song over and over.

Alex Perkins

Using this with a bluetooth speaker setup would be great.

Ahmed Khalil

Thank s for sharing this web site

Chris Hoffman

SomaFM is great, Groove Salad and BeatBlender especially.

I also love Monkey Radio, which is probably my favorite streaming radio station:
(Listen on the web: )

Harish Jonnalagadda

Thanks! Will give this a go.

Ritwick Saikia

Good new music is always welcome. Thanks for the heads up.

Melinda Sisson

I love love love these guys, have many of the different stations streaming on my iTunes (via the MP3 download at the site). I like that if something really strikes my fancy, the song list is there so I can get it for myself. The different stations really expanded my music tastes and library, I’m never bored anymore… It’s funky and eclectic, with stations for asian, country, industrial ambient & plenty of stations to chill out to. They have fans all over the globe. I’ve been a listener for years, and give these guys a little monthly donation – which is totally optional. My favorites are Groove Salad, Suburbs of Goa, Mission Control and Secret Agent (with 007 spots between songs). Try it out, believe me.