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All of us geeks out there know what it is like to be tech support for our friends and family. They turn to us when they have a computer issue, and expect us to pinpoint and fix the problem in an instant. While we love helping friends and family where possible, sometimes it can be hassle to even figure out the problem. This is why the new Quick Question feature for Soluto came into being. It is designed so that less skilled users can press a single button and send the state of their machine to the person assisting them with Soluto.

Using Quick Question could not be easier for the person having the issue. They simply press F8 on their keyboard, and it will automatically take a screenshot and capture the technical data on the system. They take this information and send it to a more skilled friend who can more efficiently help them solve the problem.

This method is also easier for the person doing the helping. Instead of trying to understand the problem using the description of the other person, they can see actual data and use that data to help them fix it. Someone telling you that their computer is making weird noises and running slow is not nearly as helpful as knowing that their CPU is running hot and 90% of their system memory is being used.

This feature is live, and ready to use for all Soluto users. Simply log in as you normally would and set up the new feature. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for free and connect up to five not-so-tech-savvy friends’ PCs to your account.


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