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Providing tech support for friends and customers has just become easier: IT solution Soluto has launched a brand new version of its simple tech-support system, which brings new features, new plans, and for the first time, an official PC list, rating the best Windows laptops on the market based on Soluto’s data.

Soluto Be A Super-Geek With Soluto's New Version: An In-Depth Look [& Invites] Be A Super-Geek With Soluto's New Version: An In-Depth Look [& Invites] Let’s face it, if you are reading this, you’re a geek. People come to you for tech help, whether you like it or not. It could be family, friends, or maybe your significant other. Whether... Read More has been around for several years, and provides a mean to offer remote tech support easily, whether you’re helping family and friends, or supporting a large number of customers. After installing Soluto’s client on the supported PCs, you can check them out from your own computer, tablet, or phone; perform actions remotely when needed; and get instantly alerted when something goes wrong, such as a program crash, a system hang, etc.

Up until now, Soluto was geared at individual users and very small businesses who needed to support up to 10 PCs. The launch of the new version, Soluto for Business, still includes a free option for up to 3 PCs, as well as a Pro option for up to 10 PCs ($10 per month/$100 per year), but also a Business Pro option for up to 50 PCs ($60 per month/$600 a year), and even an Enterprise plan for larger companies.

The new features launched today include Web-based remote access, automatic activity reports from all PCs your supporting, a new communication system, and more. The basic features are included in all plans, including the free one. You can get a glimpse of these new features here:


As you can imagine, a program like this, installed on many PCs, knows something about frequency of crashes, hangs, boot times, etc. Aggregated, this data could be pretty valuable when searching for a new PC. Soluto seems to think so as well, and from now on, will be releasing reports stating the best laptop PCs in the market, according to its data.

The first such list is already out, based on over 1 million boots, 220,000 crashes, 84,000 BSoDs, and so on. Additional lists will be available to Business Pro subscribers, but may be available in other forms in the future as well. While you can check the first one out yourself, let me tell you one thing: it seems that the best Windows laptop in the market is… not a Windows laptop.

You can head over to to find out more and try the free version. Even if you’re only supporting your parents, imagine the phone calls it can save you.

Source: Soluto

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