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Wi-Fi Guard is a great little piece of freeware that works on Windows, Mac and Linux with the aim of making your home Wi-Fi connection more secure. It works by detecting currently connected devices and notifying you when new devices show up on your network. This makes it easy to detect if someone else has connected to your wireless without you knowing.

protect your wireless network from intruders

Despite the advanced protection found on modern routers that power networks, no amount of security is foolproof enough. This tool is designed with that in mind, and provides you with a brief overview of devices currently using your network so you can keep an eye out for intruders. It’s truly cross-platform and can even detect computers behind firewalls that do not respond to ping requests.


  • Final layer of security for your wireless network, notifying of new devices.
  • Cross platform for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Works by pinging all active devices, even those behind firewalls.
  • Can be set to scan at intervals.

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