Soft2Base Automatically Updates 61 Popular Windows Applications

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Windows Update Logo   Soft2Base Automatically Updates 61 Popular Windows ApplicationsSoftware packagers like Ninite are at an uptick in popularity now that the old seek-and-download method is quickly drawing close towards extinction. Imagine what your kids will think when you tell them that you actually had to search for and manually update certain essential software in the future. Crazy, right?

iOS and other platforms come built around automatic updates to core functionality and additional software that you should install. That’s one huge benefit of having the App Store. Windows isn’t quite there yet. However, that hasn’t kept certain third-party developers from molding that sort of a feature for you. As mentioned before, Ninite makes that easy on you. Soft2Base makes it even easier, and I’ll show you how today.

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Soft2Base is a software manager for Windows that scans for over 60 of the most popular applications and ensures that your computer is running the very latest version. If not, Soft2Base can silently download and automatically install them for you.

s2b1   Soft2Base Automatically Updates 61 Popular Windows Applications

On launch, Soft2Base makes it easy for you by displaying all of their supported software. As you can see at the bottom left, there are display filters that will allow you to narrow down the listed software by installed or not, need to be updated, already up to date, and more recent than listed. In the next screenshot, you’ll see that I’ve filtered to only see software on my system that needs to be updated.

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s2b2   Soft2Base Automatically Updates 61 Popular Windows Applications

You can then check off the software you’d like to update and click Next. Here, you’ll notice more important options at the bottom left of the screen. You’re able to choose if you’d like to install without comparing, install silently, or download without installing. I never recommend running through silent installs, as that is how you can get toolbars and other bloatware stuffed onto your system.

s2b3   Soft2Base Automatically Updates 61 Popular Windows Applications

Soft2Base will automatically begin downloading your software and the installation prompts will automatically pop up if you’ve chosen to install them manually.

s2b4   Soft2Base Automatically Updates 61 Popular Windows Applications

I’ve yet to run into any issues on Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) and it’s worked like a charm thus far. Additional features include the ability to create and save a profile that consists of only certain software that you’d like to monitor and keep up to date. The software supports English, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish, and is completely portable. You’re also able to view logs and downloaded files, all within the interface.

s2b5   Soft2Base Automatically Updates 61 Popular Windows Applications

Simply put, Soft2Base does everything that we’d be doing manually in an automatic way. Running Soft2Base also means that you’ll be able to disable annoying system services, like iTunes’ auto-updater, Google Update, Java’s update process, and more. This could mean, if you’re on a less beefy system, a faster computer.

As Soft2Base grows, look forward to a larger base of software being supported. From what I’ve read, there are no plans to support Linux and Mac versions of applications yet. Let me know what you think of this neat little tool in the comments!

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MerVzter Balacuit

thanks for another idea of program like this..


Dylan Brendan

This was great! Thank You!



I use a similar program – Secunia PSI (free for personal use). I don’t know how the number of programs compares but one extra thing it does is check for Windows patches.


Steven Kim

Kinda dragged but after a while it worked..awesome!


Shakirah Faleh Lai

This software can help me a lot.


Elaheh Sadegh

sound really interesting , specially because we don’t have download-install and update our software one by one. saving time and energy ;)


Tanguy Djokovic

isn’t filehippo way better?


Dany Bouffard

Thanks, its interresting, but I still preer Ninite, caue ninite eleminate the toolbars when it install stuff. But if that program add that fonctionality I will probably try it and compare with Ninite, until then I will stay faithfull to Ninite.


Kenice Noel




Been using the update checker for a while. It does a good job finding what needs to be updated. Only catch is you have to install the updates 1 at a time.


Gian Singh



Mike Green

SecuniaPSI and Allmyapps is better by far


Can’t get Allmyapps to play properly. Keeps hanging, won’t allow any other program to be seen unless it is minimised – stops the taskbar appearing – and doesn’t always recognise when it’s updated an app even though it just did. A good idea, but needs work.


Can you automatize multiple install in foreign lang with PSI ?


Charlie Player

awesome software..going to update my media players, and game drivers..thanks


Igor Rizvi?

nice,there is also a program called patch my pc …also great stuff



just what i need



I use something similar by cnet.. Will give this a go and see how it is

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