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Twitter and Facebook are rapidly becoming a huge repository of information and one of the biggest search portals. However, these networks have certain restrictions when looking for information. For example, Twitter only allows you to search for tweets within the last two weeks at the most. SocialSearching is a tool that makes this easier by letting you search beyond that.

Once you choose which network you want to search on, the app lets you go back in time to fetch updates from months ago. Clicking on any of the results takes you to the actual tweet or Facebook update.

The tool isn’t perfect and would return no results quite often so the more information you can provide (like the username), the more chances you have of getting good results.

search facebook and twitter


  • Search for old Twitter and Facebook posts.
  • Let’s you search for stuff from specific users.
  • Simple interface and functionality.
  • No registration required.

Visit SocialSearching @ [Via LifeHacker]


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  1. Ben D
    May 20, 2011 at 2:43 pm

     Great tool but you need to really sit down and work out how it can be of a benefit, in a way you need laser targeted ideas to get the best results - sifting through results can at times be frustrating.

    Worth giving it a go if you haven't already that's for sure.