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Are you trying to revisit a link a friend shared on Facebook or Twitter? If yes, then you can use a neat search engine that searches links your friends shared on Facebook and Twitter. This search engine is called Social-Search.

search links on twitter

You start by choosing whether to conduct your search on Twitter or Facebook. Next you grant the engine access to your networking account. The engine gathers results from your account and then searches for whatever query you type. The results are displayed like in the image above and can be filtered using the links in the left pane. You can also adjust the type of results: they can either be more relevant to your query or more shared by your friends.

search links on facebook

Links shared by your friends have their usernames with the link. You can click on their username and adjust the trust level for that particular user; this helps you choose whether or not to include their links in future searches.

For more info watch the video below:



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