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Do you have a website? Do you find yourself staying up until the wee hours of the morning promoting your content on a multitude of networks like Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, or Propeller?

If you answered yes to both of the above questions then you have found yourself in the right place. Your friendly neighborhood Admin brings you Social Marker which aggregates all the best social sites together and tries to auto-populate the fields for your submissions. This adds consistency to your keywords and descriptions across the board and the search engines really like that. Lots of time is wasted every day entering and re-entering submission forms for your content

SocialMarker - Submit your Website to Mutliple Social Bookmarking Networks

Seeing that you read Make Use Of I am sure you have tried various work-a-rounds like using Notepad to cut and paste (or something similar) But you couldn’t drag and drop that text into the right place and it still made it rather cumbersome. Social Marker helps you help yourself. Lets see how it works.

    1. The first time you visit the site you should drag the little icon ( it looks like this –>socialmarker) to your favorites. That way when you want to “Social Mark” something all you need to do is click that favorite.

    2. Now enter your URL, title, description and keywords – be creative and original!

    3. Next check off the boxes of the sites you want to submit to, hit enter and let the app do its magic. By magic I mean Social Marker will open up each of the sites you selected in a framed. The information you filled out follows you along and sometimes even auto-populates. When it doesn’t, as I said above, it allows you to select the text from the bottom of the page and drag it to the correct field.

This is really a huge time saver for me. I am helplessly addicted to these networks and have learned their ins and outs. All the sites included in SocialMarker allow your content to be submitted this way and does not violate any TOS. Some sites have been added and removed over the 6 months or so that I have been using it and it even introduced me to some new ones.

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