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Many web developers rely on social networking APIs, but they often take for granted that these websites will run well. If your website relies on social networking, then you should check this out.

SocialDownOrNot is a website that is dedicated to monitoring the uptime status of the top 20 social sites today. It is powered by WatchMouse, a website monitoring company, and it also displays the uptime and performance history of these websites for the past few days with a visual chart.

uptime status

SocialDownOrNot not only displays the general status of each website – it also displays the status of the homepage, the status page, as well as its API, if available. The site indicates if the site is either operating normally, has performance issues, or if there is a service disruption. The site also displays their current performance as well as the uptime rate for the day.

uptime status

Each social networking site is checked every 5 minutes from one of the 49 WatchMouse global monitoring stations so you can be assured of the website’s accuracy.



  • Displays the current uptime status of the top 20 social networking sites.
  • Retweet the uptime status to your Twitter account.
  • Shows the uptime and performance history of these social networks for the past few days using a visual chart.
  • Follow the site on Twitter.
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