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Socialbakers is a Facebook analytics website that provides a wide range of statistical data on different aspects of the world’s largest social networking website. With Socialbakers, you can check out various quantitative Facebook traffic data on different countries, pages, brands, apps and developers, and advertising.

facebook analytics

You can find five main sections in Socialbakers that are devoted to a particular statistical category within Facebook: countries, Facebook pages, brands, apps and developers, and advertising. Each section provides a list of stats as they are arranged depending on the current highest value for that category. The stats in Socialbakers are quite comprehensive as it provides information whether it is about a large-scale scope or a particular micro-scale unit. This way, you can easily make sense of the data by relating the parts to the whole, and vice versa.

Socialbakers is a very handy and invaluable tool for any aspiring social media marketers today.  This Facebook analytics tool can provide you with the data that you will need to leverage your Facebook traffic and compare your social brand against the rest.


  • Find popular brands on Facebook.
  • View the latest Facebook statistical data on various categories.
  • Measure your presence on Facebook and see how you fare locally and globally against competitors.
  • Comprehensive analytics data that lets you check for demography as well as growth within time.
  • Similar Tools: PlaceBook, Statsaholic, and Plaudit.

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