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We store a lot of our information on social media networks. A large part of this information includes photos – something for which you should definitely have a locally stored backup. Here to help you create this backup is a tool called Social Downloader.

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Social Downloader is a free to use desktop application compatible with computers running the Windows operating system. You can use the application to effectively create a backup of your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. You start using the application by downloading and installing its setup file sized at nearly 3 MB. Once this is done, you open the application and connect the accounts of social media services of which you want to create a backup.

Supported networks for backup include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For Facebook accounts, the application lets you create a local backup of your photos; you can create a backup of your friends’ photographs as well – only the images that they have given you permissions to view. From the left pane of the application, you can select friends and photo albums. From the right pane you can select which images from an album you want downloaded.


In a similar fashion, you can create backups of your Instagram and Twitter accounts through the app. From Instagram, you can create a backup of photos, comments, likes, tags, friends, and followers. From Twitter, you can create a backup of tweets, favorites, and friends.



  • A user friendly desktop application.
  • Compatible with Windows computers.
  • Lets you create a backup of your social media accounts.
  • Supports backups of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Lets you download photos, tweets, likes, comments, and more.

Check out Social Downloader @

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  1. M. Harris
    January 6, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    This software arbitrarily takes over your computer without warning, causes all types of problems in ridding it from the computer and, according to Chrome, corrupts your files. It should be illegal for Facebook to send this piece of trash to anyone's computer. I have had it take over my browser twice in the past three months in a flash, causing a complete stopping of browsing options until a repairman or I go through a long process to get the item removed and my settings returned to their original form. Don't let this monster invade your computer; it will take over immediately and stop all browsing and is not easy to eliminate since the instructions to remove it don't work. The only way I removed it is to finally get to Chrome, choose it again, and have it return my original settings. This piece of software should be illegal.

  2. SocialSafe
    May 31, 2013 at 11:16 am

    Looks quite slick, good to see other people seeing value in having a local backup rather than just shifting the data to elsewhere in the cloud.

    If you're after a local backup of more than just Facebook pictures and Tweets (think about all your wall posts, updates, messages, comments, Twitter mentions, DMs, followers etc), then check out SocialSafe.

    It supports more networks and also works on Macs, so give it try! Get the free trial from

    Andy - SocialSafe team.