Compare-Sizes: Compare Sizes Of Objects Online

To accurately visualize the size difference of 2 or more objects, you need to place them alongside each other. Online, this can be done using a tool called “Social Compare Sizes”.

social compare sizes   Compare Sizes: Compare Sizes Of Objects Online

Social Compare Sizes is a free to use website that lets you compare the sizes of various objects. You can select from a set of predefined objects such as the iPad, iPhone, an SD card, a set of AA batteries, etc. You can also select your own object by specifying a label, dimensions, and shape.

social compare sizes1   Compare Sizes: Compare Sizes Of Objects Online

Your object is shown alongside the reference object. You can choose to overlap the object in order to get a better “Ëśheight’ comparison.

social compare sizes2   Compare Sizes: Compare Sizes Of Objects Online

Your comparisons can be saved to share on social networking sites.

To see how the app works see the video below:


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