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When it comes to online services that can forecast the weather, you will probably find lots of them. But if you want to know exactly the amount of snowfall a place will receive then a simple service like How Much Will It Snow is likely to be your best bet. It only works for the cities in the US and pulls its data from the National Weather Service. You just need to search for the city for which you want to know the snowfall details.

us snowfall forecast

The site shows the snowfall forecast for the current and next day, and the amount of snow you are likely to encounter during your morning or evening commutes, which is quite helpful if you frequently travel out of the city and want to know the best time when you are likely to find the least snow.


  • Snowfall predictions for US cities.
  • Weather data sourced from National Weather Service of the US government.

Check out How Much Will It Snow @

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  1. Colin
    April 28, 2012 at 8:21 am!

    From "About this program"

    "For commuters and skiers, all that really matters is how much snow is going to be on the ground at some point in the future."

    "Snowfall data is provided though a variety of sources, primarily through the National Weather Service. You can trust the data to be accurate."

    Really? There is NO weather forecast on this planet that is accurate ALL the time.

    I worry that some idiot(s) will rely on this before setting out on a journey and may come to grief. All that does is rack up the insurance for the rest of us.

    You could argue that would be "survival of the fittest" :-) but if knowing about snow IS important to you, read the entire forecast and make sure you understand about timings, amounts, locations and confidence in the forecast. The difference between snow or rain falling can be one or two degrees. if that difference is between plus 1 and minus 1, you need to be a very brave forecaster to call that forecast with certainty.