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Snoopf is an online restaurant gift voucher and coupon finder that lets you search for and buy discount coupons for local restaurants and eateries.

The homepage of the site has a search bar that lets you search for coupons by typing the name of the restaurant, the city or the zip code. The search results show the list of restaurants in its database depending upon your search query, and when you click on a result, it opens up the restaurant page that has information like the address of the place, the coupon available, cuisine, food type, costs and a map with directions.

restaurant gift vouchers

restaurant gift vouchers

The site is only meant for consumers in the U.S.  Users can also quickly conduct a search by using the top navigation bar on the homepage that helps someone find restaurants by state and type of cuisine.


  • Search for and buy restaurant coupons and gift cards.
  • Find restaurants by name, location and cuisine.
  • Buy gift cards at discounted prices from top online coupon suppliers.
  • Get restaurant info like price, food type, description etc.
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