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Snippage is a cross-platform application that lets you create a desktop widget out of any website. This Adobe Air app lets you populate your desktop with parts of various webpages that can be refreshed automatically.

create a desktop widget

After installing Snippage, a window will appear on your desktop where you can navigate to a webpage, choose a specific part, and “snip” it so only that part shows on your desktop.

Snippage is in early development and it won’t catch Flash and other advanced HTML components. Still, this is a simple and powerful tool for creating your very own widgets on the fly.


  • Create desktop widgets, called snips, out of a part of a webpage.
  • Add multiple snips to your desktop.
  • Set the snips to refresh automatically.
  • Allows link-out to default browser.
  • Needs Adobe Air to install.

Check out Snippage @


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