Doodle: Instant & Easy Whiteboard App

Sneffel (Doodle) is an instant and easy to use whiteboard app which can be used to collaboratively draw, brainstorm or just have fun with others online. When you visit the site it gives you a unique URL that you can use to invite people to a live whiteboard session. Each user can easily draw and customize color, erase, and redo/undo their entries.

sneffel   Doodle: Instant & Easy Whiteboard App

Additionally you can easily embed the whiteboard on your blog or personal webpage and let your visitors draw on it as well. Check out a sample whiteboard below:


  • Instant and easy to use online whiteboard tool.
  • Collaboratively draw, brainstorm or just have fun.
  • Invite others by forwarding a URL.
  • Draw and customize the color, erase, redo/undo entries.
  • Embedding supported.
  • Similar whiteboard tools: Dabbleboard and Twiddla.

Check out Sneffel (Doodle) @

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