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When you are with your friends, they often name a few bands and suggest you listen to them. But your friends’ music suggestions are often forgotten by the time you get back home. Here to help you not forget those band suggestions is a web service called SndChck.

playlists twitter

SndChck is a free to use web service that lets you tweet band names and then listen to songs by them. You start by giving SndChck access to your Twitter account. Next you tweet a band’s name in the following format: “band_name @sndchck”

If you want to share a band with a friend, simply tweet the following: “@friend_name band_name @sndchck”

You can tweet using any Twitter application that you have installed on your smartphone. When you get home you can visit the SndChck website and see a list of the bands you tweeted or that were tweeted for you.

playlists twitter

The site lets you streams songs from most of the bands you tweet. Just click on the artist name under your playlist and the available songs will be displayed for streaming.


  • A user-friendly application.
  • Helps not forget music suggestions.
  • Lets you suggest bands to Twitter friends.
  • Records names of artists through tweets.
  • Lets you stream songs of most bands you tweet.
  • Similar tools: MyFavBands and Relisir.

Check out SndChck @

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