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If you mistakenly deleted important data from your website, the only way to recover it is through an external backup. Thus creating regular backups of your website is a wise decision. Here to help you do that is a web service called SnatchCode.

backup your websites

SnatchCode is a web service that backs up the data on your website through FTP and MySQL. After you create an account on SnatchCode you can provide your website’s URL, hostname, username, password, and port. If your website is sized under 1GB, then you can use the site’s free account. The free package supports an unlimited number of backups.

For sites with larger sizes, SnatchCode offers premium accounts for backing up site data. The site’s simple interface will help many webmasters keep their site data safe through backups.


Check out SnatchCode @ 


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  1. rob1951
    December 28, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    So I give my treasured secure server password to some guys I've never
    heard of in India and that's supposed to make me more secure?  I don't
    think so.  I get 2 or 3 scam phone calls a week from Indian call
    centres.  No way will I trust anything in that part of the world.