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Reading and making sense of the words used in dictionaries is an art that not many people have mastered. Regular paper dictionaries usually do a very bad job of explaining synonyms and the relations between words and their meanings. This is where Snappy Words comes in.

Snappy Words is an online dictionary that displays words and their meanings in an easy to understand graphical view.

visual english dictionary

Words and their meanings and synonyms are displayed in a color coded graph where each color depicts a relation. The colors make it easy for anyone to understand the relation that is being depicted at a glance. For example, from the above image, you can tell that a christmas berry is a “kind of” shrub or bush and that it is also a word for “Toyon”.


  • Interactive visual dictionary online.
  • No registration required to use.
  • Free to use for any number of word searches.
  • Easy to understand color codes.
  • Brings an element of fun to the boring task of reading dictionaries.
  • Similar sites: Shahi, Lexipedia and VisuWords

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