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If you like sharing your location wherever you are and stay connected with friends at the same time, check out Snapp. It is a social networking application that integrates with major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare) and tracks you wherever you go. It goes further than similar location sharing apps and lets you share your location while you are on the move, outdoors or indoors, including from a specific room within a building.

From any location you can post pictures, status updates and send messages to your friends, provided they are also using the application. You can set it up to auto-check in using your preferred network or track your current location at predefined intervals. It is available both for Android and iOS platforms. Download the app from the respective store.

share your location



  • Share your location wherever you go – on the move, indoor, outdoors.
  • Tracks inside different rooms within a building.
  • Integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare.
  • Automatically check-in anywhere including to indoor venues.
  • Automatically switchover from indoor to outdoor maps and vice-versa.
  • Track your current location at predefined intervals.
  • Free to use.

Check out Snapp!  @ (Android) and!-by-sensewhere/id561715874 (iOS) 


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