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Snaplog is a very simple mobile photo blogging application for the iPhone which you can start using within seconds after creating a free account. It enables you to upload and share images with friends or with anyone for that matter via your iPhone. The app can be obtained from the iPhone app store. It is still in beta and hence may not be perfect.

Photo Blog From Your iPhone

The photos are uploaded to a domain which you can choose at the time of setting up your free account with them. This service, being the simplest way to upload photos through your iPhone, will certainly attract a lot of iPhone users who want to share pictures and images using their multi-featured 3G iPhone.

There are some additional features that let you improve and customize your images during posting. You can crop, modify saturation/exposure, add tags, customize privacy settings… etc.


  • Photo blog from your iPhone.
  • During posting you can crop, add tags, add photo effects.
  • Easily customizable privacy settings.
  • Modify the exposure and saturation of image.
  • Free

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