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SnapChat Send Self-Destructing Risqué Photos & Videos With Snapchat [iOS & Android] Send Self-Destructing Risqué Photos & Videos With Snapchat [iOS & Android] So you want to text someone a private flirty or goofy photo or video of yourself, but you know that images and videos can be shared and circulated on the Internet very quickly. Well it... Read More has just dropped a large update for its iOS application that adds some really nice new stuff. This brings the application to version 5.0, which it is calling “Banquo”. Most of the update is focused on making the app an easier place to navigate, with the aim of letting users get in, send and receive messages, and get on with their day.

The first big change comes in the form of swipe navigation which allows users to jump between sections of the app quicker, as fewer taps are required to move from section to section. The update also adds some new features such as double tapping to reply. With this, a user simply taps twice on a message in their inbox to jump to the camera and take their photo. This feature, like the rest of the update, makes navigating the app much faster.

A very basic in-app user profile is also included in the application. This lets users tap a name in the friends panel and see the user’s best friends and their score.

The Find Friends panel also gets a small revamp. Now, cute little animations lead to the contacts page, which is not a game changing feature, but it does make finding friends a little more pleasant.

For those unfamiliar with SnapChat, it is a picture messaging service that allows users to send photos to friends that are only viewable for a limited time before they expire, never to be seen again. It has seen tremendous growth in a very short time, but its interface was definitely lacking relative to the size of its user base. This update brings the app to where it should be in terms of UI.

Source: TechCrunch

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