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Snapchat has always been about fleeting pictures. With the latest update, the popular photo sharing mobile app has added something more live — Video chat and instant messaging. Don’t worry about privacy because the ephemerality of self-destructing conversations is still there. It’s just that Snapchat believes that conversation feels better when it’s visual.

Getting to the new features is simple. Launch Snapchat and swipe the screen to the right. You will come to the list of your friends who are on Snapchat. Start a chat with an instant message or go for a two-way video chat (or even one-way) by holding the blue button.

Instant messaging is uncomplicated. Chat as you normally do; messages will be cleared when you leave the chat screen. You can always take a screenshot and use it to preserve any shareable information in the chat. The video chat is more interesting because it can be two-way with both you and your friend joining in and having a face to face conversation.

It can also be one-way if one of you wants to broadcast something. The one-way chat is more like a video stream and could have many important uses in your life. For instance, if you are showing off a cooking technique to a family member or giving them a virtual tour around your new house.

You can go from instant messaging to video chat, and then to a one-way broadcast with simple one-touch gestures.


Snapchat has designed the features for seamless conversations while retaining its USP where messages do the “vanishing act”. So, download the apps and start snapping. Tell us if it makes a huge difference to the way you have been using the photo sharing app so far.

Source: Snapchat Blog via Mashable

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