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SnapBits is a personal data storage tool that helps you store bits of personal data which you might need at a later stage. The bits could be of anything ranging from notes, reminders for your friend’s birthdays and holidays, passwords, phone numbers etc. The bits are stored securely online and you have the option of searching, sorting and easily retrieving the “bits” when required.

personal data storage

One really cool feature is the option to add bits to your snapbits account via email. All it takes is sending an email with the info you want to store to provided email address.


  • Web Locker for storing data online.
  • Optionally use the service via secure https connection.
  • Ability to sort, search and retrieve bits.
  • Option to add and save bits to the account via email.
  • Get a unique address for yourself (i.e.
  • Similar tools: iForgotMyPassword and iLocker.

Check out SnapBits @

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    January 5, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    Why is it that I am not able to see the comments of others in the post?