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While Twitter is a great online social network, there is a lot of room for improvement in its search interface. If you want to find an old Tweet or entry, then you have to go through many search pages before you find what you are looking for. Twitter search is made much more convenient by SnapBird.

search twitter stream

SnapBird is an absolutely free Twitter client that lets you easily search the Twitter stream. You can search a particular Twitter user’s stream for a particular set of keywords. Tweets from a long date back are searched and the results presented – stats of the results are provided in the right pane; these stats include the number of matched Tweets, the numbers of Tweets searched, and the date of the earliest result. To get even earlier results you can scroll down to the bottom and click on “Search next 1,000 Tweets.”

search twitter stream

SnapBird also lets you conduct specific searches in your friend’s Tweets, Tweets that mention you, and the direct messages that you have sent or received.

search twitter stream



  • A user friendly online tool.
  • Helps get more out of Twitter search.
  • Lets you get old results from Twitter search.
  • Lets you search particular users’ streams.
  • Lets you search Tweets with your mentions.
  • Lets you search your direct messages.

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