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Contact sheets are used in situations where you want to share the thumbnails of image of a folder on your computer. A contact sheet is simply an image that contains all the thumbnails of the images in a particular folder. Contact sheets can be used in situations where you want to share the thumbnails of all the images in a folder through a single image file – on an online forum or to send image thumbnails to a friend. These are only a couple of examples where contact sheets come handy.

Check out Snap2IMG. It is a tool that generates contact sheets for folders on your local and removable drives.

generate contact sheet


Snap2IMG can process a single folder or a complete folder structure, automatically generating a contact sheet for each sub-folder.To see how it works, download the zip file from their website, unzip it and run the program. No installation needed. Select the folder with images for which to create the contact sheet and click “Preview” to preview your generated contact sheet.

From the “Basic setup” window you can modify the width and height of thumbnails and images per row. More advanced settings let you configure spacing between thumbnails, page margins, edit headers and footer text and other options. Once you are satisfied with the result, click “Create & Save” to save the generated contact sheet on your computer.



  • Generates contact sheet from image thumbnails in a folder.
  • Generate contact sheets for a single folder or all sub folders.
  • Filenames reflect the source folder.
  • Preview results before generating images.
  • Change thumbnail size and aspect ratio.
  • Increase/decrease images per row.
  • Set background colour and image.
  • Edit header, footer and filename.
  • Change page margins and thumbnail spacing.
  • Portable. No installation needed.

Check out Snap2IMG @ 

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