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In today’s age, nearly everybody you meet has a smartphone. And people make full use of their smartphones by using the Internet on them. This makes it very easy for you to quickly show the people you meet your online files that are mobile-compatible. This can be a great advantage for meetings with professionals. Such type of in-person mobile sharing is most beneficial for artists that have portfolios online.

But creating an online portfolio of your work or an online streamable album of your music would not do you good in this regard if the web service you use is not mobile-friendly. Here to offer you a quick way to create such websites, either for personal or for professional use, is a web service called SnackWebsites Mobile Website Builder.

create a free mobile site

SnackWebsites Mobile Website Builder is a free to use online web service that lets you create mobile websites. The websites are full fledged sites that can showcase your professional work. When you start creating a website, you can select which category it falls in; covered categories include personal, portfolio, community, blog, product, band, event, and lots more.

You can also narrow down what your website will be specifically about e.g. music. You can also pick out a template from the various visually appealing options.



The site even gives you numerous extension options to customize the overall URL of your website. When you meet somebody whom you want to share your work with, simply get them to visit the URL of your website on their smartphone. Your mobile friendly SNackWebsites site will let the other person conveniently check out your work on their phone.


  •  A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create websites for professional and personal use.
  • You can upload various kinds of media content.
  • Offers various visually appealing themes.
  • Creates mobile friendly websites.
  • Similar: Jetstrap, Socialgimme and Website Builder,

Check out SnackWebsites Mobile Website Builder @ and its Google Chrome app @

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