Smushit: Optimize Images For Web Without Losing on Quality

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Smushit is a web tool that lets you optimize images for the web and reduce the size without compromising on visual quality. This site is like an online version of “Save for Web” feature in PhotoShop which is meant to optimize photos for online sharing.

Smushit can shrink (optimize) the size of the images from your computer or web URL. There is also a Firefox Extension that that makes the whole things even easier. Once Smushit is done with your images you can download and save them as a .zip file.

Smushit - optimize images for web online

I tested it with a couple of images that were already optimized in Photoshop and it still managed to reduced them a bit.


  • Shrink image size without compromising quality.
  • Optimize as many images as you like. No sign-up needed.
  • Upload and optimize images from your computer or webpage.
  • Firefox extension that lets you export and optimize images from any webpage.

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Ben Bradley

Smu? What the heck is a “smu” and why do we care about it’s poo?



it’s just another web 2.0 name. As long as it rhymes well no one cares abt the meaning :-)

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