SmugMug Rolls Out An iPad Version Of Its Popular App Camera Awesome [Updates]

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Camera Awesome, which has over seven million downloads of its iPhone application, is following in the footsteps of Camera+ by releasing an iPad version of their photography application. The key difference between Camera Awesome and Camera+ is the emphasis on taking pictures. Camera+ does allow you to take photos, but its main emphasis is on editing pictures already taken.

SmugMug CEO Don McAskill said the focus on taking pictures came when he saw a shocking number of people taking photos at a baseball game with their iPad instead of an iPhone or other smaller device. Sure, it might look a little odd holding up an extra-large device to take photos, but I have seen the same thing at a wedding I attended recently. It seemed like half the people there were holding up their iPads to take photos.

The iPad version of the app is almost identical to the iPhone version. It is a Universal App, so any filters and upgrades purchased in the iPhone version will transfer right over to the iPad version of the app. This is a fantastic gesture of goodwill for their customers.

SmugMug is still planning to release Camera Awesome for other platforms. Android and Windows 8 phones and tablets are still in their sights, but they have not given a clear indication of when either of these versions will hit the market. Either way, this is one of the best photography apps on iPhone, and now it is one of the best on iPad.

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Source: TechCrunch

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At last, an app that helps you to take photos,. Not only point and shot and then try to “fix” then after


Edwin Williams

Well that’s kinda interesting. A tablet camera app :O


April Eum

i’m probably the only one..but its so odd using ipad camera. LOL.

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