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If you spend most of your time in front of your computer at work or at home and enjoy texting with people, check out SMSeverywhere. It is a handy online service that lets anyone to send free text messages (SMS) to almost any cellphone in US. Currently it supports following carriers – T-mobile, Sprint and Nextel. So if your text recipient is on any of these networks, you can send them text messages and even receive replies to your mobile.

SMSeverywhere : Free Text Messaging


To send a message to a cellphone go to their homepage and click on the link “Send a Message to a Cell Phone“. Then enter the cell phone number, type in your message and click “Send now”. There is a 150-character limit so you have to fit your message within this limit.

The basic SMS messaging is free but they also offer paid premium plans with additional features. They have a Professional messaging plan, which lets you text up to 30 phones at a time, schedule messages and reminders, receive replies online and address book. If you are an event organizer, make use of their Bulk messaging plan, which lets you send messages to large lists of cellphone numbers. All of their services are fully automatted and are accessible from their website.





  • Send sms text messages to (almost) any US cellphone
  • 150 character limit per text message
  • Integrate SMSeverywhere text messaging into your blog or profile page
  • Currently supported providers: Verizon Wireless, T-mobile, Sprint and Nextel
  • Developer API – create your own messaging applications on top of their platform
  • Premium Services: ‘Bulk Text messaging’ and ‘Professional Text messaging’

Check out SMSeverywhere @

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