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Old classmates, various marketers, and numerous other sources are where we often get unwanted text messages from. Taking out the phone from your pocket while you are driving, just to check a text message you have received is inconvenient enough – but when you discover that you went through all that trouble to check an unwanted text message, the ordeal is downright frustrating.

Various phone service carriers provide you with the option to block texts from certain numbers, but they charge you for this service. If you own an Android smartphone and are looking for a free solution to this problem, you should check out an app called SMS Filter.

SMS Filter: Block Texts From Specific Phone Numbers Or Mark Them As Spam [Android] SMS Filter

SMS Filter is a free to use smart device application compatible with Android devices. The function of the application is to enable its users to mark text messages from certain phone numbers as spam. The application comes sized at nearly 0.2 MB and requires your smart device to be running version 2.1 or later of the Android OS. Once you have the application installed and running, you can begin marking phone numbers as blacklisted.

Numbers can be added to the list manually or they can be selected from your phonebook. Numbers that are not in your phonebook but have sent you messages, can be selected for blacklisting from the messages. Messages from all of the numbers you include in this list will be sent to spam – a folder of messages within SMS Filter that you can access anytime you want.

SMS Filter: Block Texts From Specific Phone Numbers Or Mark Them As Spam [Android] SMS Filter1


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  1. Matthew Steffen
    June 14, 2013 at 7:15 pm

    This is very exclusive article to know about android operating system. Thanks for sharing such an important writing.