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SMS Corrector is an Android app that corrects incoming text messages automatically to improve their readability. It focuses on the SMS jargon (abbreviations for just about every combination of words) and misspelled words. So if the sender typed b4 in his message, this app will show it as “before.” It also corrects the upper case words that are not meant to be in upper case. The app supports English and French, and is free to use. It can be installed from the Android Market.

autocorrect text messages

You can choose whether you want to show the translated version of the message within the original message, have the corrected version sent as a new message to you, or replace the original message with the correct version.


  • Correct incoming SMS on Android.
  • Corrects the SMS abbreviations, spellings and upper case characters.
  • Works in English and French.

Check out SMS Corrector @

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