Smooth Key Scroll: Use Your Keyboard To Smoothly Scroll Websites

Using your keyboard for Internet browsing often leads to a jerky and annoying reading session. On the other hand, using your cursor can sometimes be just too much effort. You may be scoffing at me now, but I’m sure you’ve been in situations where this is the case.

smoothkeyscroll1   Smooth Key Scroll: Use Your Keyboard To Smoothly Scroll Websites

With Google Chrome’s Smooth Key Scroll, this is no longer a problem. The extension adjusts the animation rate for your scrolling to create a smooth, aesthetically-pleasing experience. The question is how does it do it? Essentially, the extension helps Chrome ignore your keyboard’s repeat rate.

smoothkeyscroll2   Smooth Key Scroll: Use Your Keyboard To Smoothly Scroll Websites

Furthermore, Smooth Key Scroll helps you adjust the amount of pixels per frame that you want the page to scroll. Using the customizable Alt and Ctrl keys can help you slow down or speed up the scroll depending on the pixel rate you choose. Granted, the latter options break away the monotony of the app’s function – that is, you have to do something extra. With an app like this, you shouldn’t really have to think.

Speaking of which, the app typically functions as if it’s not even there. It truly will blend in with your regular browsing activities. Aside from the Alt and Ctrl options, you’ll forget its existence once installed. All in all, this is a very simple app, and there’s not much else that can be said about it except that it works


  • Adjustable scroll settings.
  • Smooth key scroll animations.
  • Options for faster and smoother scrolling.
  • Seamless integration with your browser.
  • Stealthy installation – you’ll forgot you installed it (and that’s okay).
  • Optional GPU acceleration for improved results.

Install Smooth Key Scroll now at the Chrome Web Store.

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