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The pointer acceleration settings built into the control panel of your computer’s operating system allow you to control the sensitivity of your mouse’s movements. For desktop computer users, setting the mouse acceleration levels is a simple matter since the mouse is the only pointing instrument they use. But for people who use laptops, things are a bit trickier.

Suppose that you get your new laptop and you set the mouse acceleration level that works well for your usage of the touchpad / trackpad. But when you begin to play a videogame or are about to draw something, you are most probably going to connect a mouse with your laptop – your set sensitivity settings will now behave differently since the pointing instrument has now changed. Thus you go into the control panel again – this time to adjust the sensitivity to match your mouse. This problem can now be overcome by Mac users, all thanks to an app called Smooth Cursor.

mac mouse acceleration settings

Smooth Cursor is a desktop utility for Mac computers. This nifty application is made for computers running Mac OS X Lion and using a 64 bit processor. Using this application, you can have separate settings recorded for the trackpad of your mouse and trackpad. The app lets you accelerate, disable, and even decelerate mouse movements. The acceleration levels are from 1 to 6, the disable level is 0, and the deceleration levels are from -1 to -6.

You can quickly enable or disable your custom settings through a menu in the status bar. A special enforce mode lets you ensure that your custom settings will be retained even if an external app tries to modify them.




  • A user-friendly desktop app.
  • Compatible with Mac computers.
  • Lets you separately control mouse and trackpad acceleration settings.
  • Lets you accelerate as well as decelerate mouse movements.
  • Similar tools: MouseFIGHTER and NPointer.

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