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funny websitesRight from its name (which is a play on the word googol) Google has its funny bone firmly attached. Be it the Google Doodles or the famed Google April Fool jokes Google's Top 10 Hidden Treasures Google's Top 10 Hidden Treasures Read More , Google is as aggressive about having a few laughs as it is about toting up slices of the web pie.

There are lots of little Google nuggets spread around the web; little known Google pages 10 Little Known Google Pages Worth a Second Look 10 Little Known Google Pages Worth a Second Look Read More amidst the regular ones we do every day.

Just as Google pokes fun at the world, others do some poking back too: from strange ways to do a Google search to catching strangers doing amusing things on the streets. Catch a few in the websites covered below.

Street View Fun

funny websites

This web blog is a visual gallery of funny images that come courtesy of the eagle eye of Google Maps Street View. Have you seen a Google car or a few Google Trikes around your locality? Those are the agents capturing street views from around the world. And funny ‘accidents’ get captured too.


On this site you can go from one image to the other. Or you might as well head for the Top 100 list. You can view all the images on a larger map.


funny google

This site is almost a crony of the one above but with a better design. But for someone who is seeking out funny Google stuff, it’s more the merrier. You can sort through the parade of Google Street View images by what’s popular or by what’s top rated.

Do you have a street view that hasn’t been featured here? Submit it to the gallery. But beware a lot many of the pictures are about “˜moons‘ and “˜flashes’.


funny google

There are the official Google Doodles and then there are the creations by zany artists which don’t quite make it to Google’s Hall of Fame. Believe me, some of them are really creative but just because they don’t quite fit into Google’s message for the time, they still find a place on this site. Make it “˜found’ because the site is quite still for the last few years. But it’s still worth a look for some “˜unofficial’ Google logos.


funny google

What does Google think of you (or some topic)? Check out the collection of Googlisms on this site. The Googlisms are arranged around the 4W’s – Who, What, When, and Where. Consider this to be an absolute time-waster website to be tried out when you don’t even have a pencil to sharpen. Lady Gaga’s Googlism says that she is one bright style star! They got that right.

Bad Translator

funny and silly websites

Bad Translator is a fun tool that shows the limitations of machine translation. Paste your text into the box and see funny versions churned out with Google Translate which are nowhere near the original meaning. You can set the number of translations and see how the original version gets turned on its head as it gets translated from one language to the next and back to English. Share the funny translation on Facebook.

Funny Google Searches

funny and silly websites

A pile of funny search suggestions from the keywords you innocently type in. For instance, the top slot still belongs to “˜George Bush is’ even after he has left the Presidency. You can try out the keywords on the search engine or use the search engine simulator at the top. The new improved Google Search has kept the fun intact.

You can also check out the directory mention of AutoCompleteMe which has a well compiled list of funny and weird Google search suggestions.

Make Google Laugh

Smile With Google: 8 Funny Websites That Are Based On Google Google08

This site uses Google’s API to do a bit of humor detection. I am not sure exactly how this works but all you have to do is to put in a joke or an amusing remark to see its laugh quotient.


funny and silly websites

Google has a mirror site. As you can see everything is turned the other way round. When I visited the site, it was undergoing a server upgrade, so it should be back up soon.

On a similar vein you can also check out Google Rotated where the search page is rotated 180 degrees and Mini Google where everything becomes miniaturized. Both need Internet Explorer to work.

Some of Google’s Own Amusing Pages:

Smile With Google: 8 Funny Websites That Are Based On Google Google10

On Google’s Official Easter Egg Page you have to use your mouse and help the Easter bunny catch a few eggs to spell Google.

funny websites

Google has a few off-beat minor versions of its search page like Swedish Chef (based on the Muppet Show character), the Hacker’s search page, the Klingon search page, Elmer Fudd’s page, and the Pig Latin interface.

Our Geeky Fun pages are also full of humor at Google’s expense. Check out the likes of ““

Have you come across an amusing Google experience while using its tools? Let us know.

Image: dullhunk

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