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YouTube has a large collection of enjoyable videos. But people with slower internet connections often face problems streaming those videos because of inconsistent buffering. Offering a solution to this problem is a tool called “SmartVideo for YouTube”.

avoid buffering

SmartVideo for YouTube is a free web tool and it comes as a browser extension for Google Chrome. The extension’s main function is to let you control when a YouTube video starts playing: right away or when buffering has reached a certain percentage. You can also select the “˜loop’ option to put the video on “˜repeat’ and play it over and over.

You can apply the extension’s preferences to individual YouTube videos by hovering the mouse pointer under the video and making the SmartVideo popup appear; alternatively you can set global SmartVideo for YouTube video preferences through the extension’s options. In the extension’s options you will be able to modify other settings such switching to high-definition when you put the video on full-screen and applying the extension’s settings to embedded YouTube videos such as those on Facebook or on other websites.

how to avoid video buffering


  • A user friendly web tool.
  • Lets you control YouTube video playback.
  • Videos can start playing when the page loads or after a certain percentage of the buffering has completed.
  • Settings can be applied to embedded YouTube video as well.

Check out SmartVideo for YouTube @

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