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SmartSheet is a web-based spreadhseet editor and collaboration tool with an Excel-like interface. It provides user (or groups) with a well-implemented and easy-to-use interface to work and collaborate on spreadsheet documents online. Create documents, share and assign documents to colleagues, schedule due dates, etc.

SmartSheet -

Smartsheet Features

  • Create, schedule, collaborate and assign tasks to others.
  • Dashboard to manage and view multiple sheet views at once.
  • Collaboration: Real-time and scheduled collaboration (via e-mail).
  • Set-up automated alerts and memos.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel.
  • Powerful reporting features.
  • Free account features: create up to 5 spreadsheets, unlimited number of collaborators, 10 MB of storage, SSL encryption, free document Templates. Read more
  • Check out more SmartSheeet screenshots here
    User Feedback: “Collaboration is critical in HR and trying to deal with version controls of spreadsheets was very time consuming. Smartsheet helped me manage project updates seamlessly and converts back into Excel without issue.”

[Video] Smartsheet Preview

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