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Given the real-time activity by millions of daily users, Twitter is an excellent source of news. However, all the irrelevant and redundant tweets make it hard for anyone to filter out the noise from the actual stories. Smartr is an iPhone app that does the job for you by filtering the news from your tweets and presenting it in a readable format.

It identifies all the tweets with links, filters out stuff like Foursquare checkins, and then give you previews of the webpage, showing you the actual news story. The articles are formatted for maximum readability on your iPhone. You can read the articles, save them for later or share it with friends via Facebook, Tumblr or Posterous.

news from twitter


  • Read news from your Twitter stream.
  • Filters out the noise and formats article for iPhone reading.
  • Reply, report or retweet articles.
  • Share via email or social networks.

Download Smartr from iTunes

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