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The iPhone has a decent contacts application, but for some users, it is not enough. Smartr is designed to improve the contacts by adding a slew of features. The most important thing about Smartr is that is intelligent. It finds people you know from email, calendars and social networks, and populates your contacts with them. It keeps track of all the people you have communicated with, so you know when you last talked to someone.


Smartr contacts also adds a photo to every person. It also integrates with popular social networks Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, so you can see what your contacts are up to. You can also run searches in the app to find people based on their name, company or phone number. This makes it easy to find a specific person.

I think the coolest feature of this app is the way it ranks contacts by importance. It puts the people you talk to more at the top, making them quicker to find and access. It also lets you know which people in your life you really talk to the most. Another cool feature is that it keeps your contacts in the cloud, so if you lose your phone you are protected.


  • Automatically populate contact lists.
  • Keeps track of contacts you communicate with the most.
  • Integrates with social networks.
  • Stores contacts in the cloud for security.
  • One click access to SMS, email and calling.
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Find Smartr Contacts on the iTunes App Store

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