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Who said learning and social networking cannot come together? is a fun website that combines education with social networks. The web app serves as an online academic assistant that offers courses to anyone who wants to learn about any topic.

learn quickly

First, sign up and connect your social networking site accounts to After registration, start searching for things you want to learn more about and start the lessons. You may also create your own lessons that other members might find interesting.

Statistics are shown such as how much of your goals have been attained and mastery of the lessons. You can also post blogs, journals, shout-outs and updates from your profile which can also be connected and shared through other sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

learn quickly

The website leverages social networking to encourage learning through spaced-rehearsal, also known as spacing out information to be reviewed for long periods of time.


learn quickly is an interesting and easy way to learn, share information and have fun at the same time.


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