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Smartphones are no less than a fully fledged computer when it comes to functionality and apps like SmartDiagram are proof of that. SmartDiagram lets you create diagrams on your Android phone including flow charts, mind maps, tree diagrams and much more.

A simple gesture lets you create different shapes and even edit them manually. Drag and drop functionality makes it easy to move and delete different components of your diagram. You can also zoom in and share your diagrams easily with friends. You can add labels, change background color of the shapes, stroke color and even text size. A quick tutorial within the app is always there to guide you through the various features.

android diagramming

To see SmartDiagram in action watch demo video below:


  • Free android diagram app
  • Create diagrams with ease .
  • Create shapes, connect, edit and delete them with hand gestures.
  • Drag and drop to edit and delete shapes.
  • Change background color and text size.
  • Easily share diagrams with friends.

Use the code below to download the app

android diagram app

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