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The default video player size of YouTube videos is quite small. People often have to click on the “Full Screen” button in a YouTube video to enlarge it. Here to help you save that extra mouse click is a tool called “Smart Video Enlarger for YT”.

enlarge youtube videos

Smart Video Enlarger is a browser extension for Google Chrome. Its function is to automatically scale the YouTube video to the size of Chrome’s window. Whether you have Chrome running in full screen, maximized, or sized down into a small window, the video will be spread throughout the window. Other portions of the page such as comments and related videos can be seen by scrolling down the mouse wheel. This ‘pushes’ the video upwards while making room for other page elements. The more you scroll, the more the video is pushed. To reverse the process you can scroll up the mouse wheel.

enlarge videos youtube

The extension also places an icon in the address bar. Clicking on the icon opens the extension’s options from where you can specify the area of the window the video takes. You can also enable and disable the abovementioned scrolling feature named “intelligent scrolling”.



  • A user-friendly tool.
  • Lets you video YouTube videos in large sizes.
  • Videos automatically take up the entire browser window.
  • Through intelligent scrolling you can view other elements of the page.

Check out the “Smart Video Enlarger for YT” Chrome Extension @

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