This Smart Trick Keeps Your Pandora Stations Fresh
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Pandora pioneered the internet radio to what it’s become today, and it still offers a great experience for users. With apps on nearly every device, easy radio stations for every moment, and tons of music, it’s tough to dislike the service.

However, one area many users complain about is music repetition. It seems that once Pandora starts figuring out what you really like, it might play a few artists in excess. This is particularly a pain if you’re using Pandora to discover new music.

Reddit user neccoguy21 discovered an interesting tip that keeps Pandora’s music fresh. You should only ever thumbs-down a song; never use the thumbs-up option. By doing this, you tell Pandora what you don’t like, so it keeps trying to find something you will like. This brings more variety to your stations and should prevent the radio from playing the same dozen songs constantly.

If you accidentally give something the wrong rating, it’s easy to reverse. For accidents that occurred during your current session, just navigate back to the song in question and tap the thumbs-down icon to remove it. Should you change your mind about a rating days later, head to your station list, view its details, and click the X icon next to any track to remove its rating.

Remember that thumbs only affect one station at a time, so you won’t ban a song forever if you thumbs-down it on one station. If a station gets stale, you can click Add Variety under the station name to add something fresh to it.

When Pandora just isn’t playing what you want, consider Spotify, Apple Music, or Google Play Music to make yourself the DJ.

Did you know about this trick for rating Pandora songs? Tell us your tricks for keeping stations fresh down in the comments!

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