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Add grammar checking, punctuation tips, synonym suggestion and a dictionary to Chrome. Smart Spellchecker by Grammarly is an extension for Google’s browser that includes a wide variety of language tools – perfect for students, writers and anyone else who needs to write regularly (practically everyone). Once it’s installed you’ll see a green circle in the bottom-right corner of most text fields online – it means Smart Spellchecker is active.

add language tools to chrome

Spelling, grammar and punctuation errors are pointed out. This doesn’t just correct you, though: it explains the rules behind the rules you’ve broken in a popup, as seen above. It won’t always be correct but use this long enough and you’ll learn something.

Another thing you’ll learn: the meaning of words. Once you’ve installed this extension you can double-click any word for a quick definition.

grammarly smart spellchecker

Learning the meaning of words is a valuable skill, so this extension may be worth installing for this functionality alone.



  • An easy to use writing tool for Google Chrome.
  • Adds spelling, grammar and punctuation checks to most text fields.
  • Offers and dictionary and thesaurus on any site.

Check out Grammarly Smart Spellchecker on the Chrome Web Store

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  1. John Wallach
    March 25, 2013 at 3:51 am

    Helps maintain my reputation as a grammar Nazi.