Smart QrCode Generator: Generate QR codes for URLs and images in Google Chrome

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When it was seen that smartphones will soon become popular devices for people to access the internet from, developers started to come up with convenient ways for people to access online content through their smartphones. Because URLs were too long and inconvenient to type on a phone, QR codes were invented and they have been serving countless smartphone owners ever since. All a smartphone user has to do is scan these codes and be taken to the encoded URL in their phone’s browsers. This helps people who want to transfer URLs from their computer to their phone. All they have to do is generate a QR code for the website they are browsing on their computer and then scan that code using their phone. Here to help you do this is a tool called Smart QrCode Generator.

generate qr code for url

Smart QrCode Generator is a free to use browser extension that lets you generate QR codes for the URLs that you are visiting in Google Chrome. All you have to do after installing the extension on Chrome, is to click the blue icon in the browser’s address bar. A drop down window will appear with the QR code that you can scan with your phone. Right clicking on images in webpages helps generate QR codes for images.

smart qrcode generator

The app offers the ability to setup various rules for QR encoding such as choosing to encode the select text on a webpage instead of the URL and replacing certain strings in the URL with other strings.

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  • A user friendly browser extension
  • Compatible with Google Chrome
  • Let’s you generate QR codes for images and URLs
  • Let’s you setup rules for QR code generation

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Paul Foraker

Apparently, the QR Code was not invented to enable URLs on smartphones. According to, the system was invented in Japan to support the automotive industry.



Is QR code so smart to use that one (I) think? I began to doubt when I read this article a few days ago



Wow, nice find Paul!

So developers turned to an existing technology to use it in an originally unintended way to make URLs easily accessible to smartphone users. Nevertheless a smart move.

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